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Our Listing Process

We believe a systematic approach helps everything move along smoothly and effortlessly by keeping every detail in order. Which is why we have a system for each listing. The process involves you, your agent and the entire Steve Volkers Group team. We like to think of our system in terms of a time-line, so follow the purple line above to learn about how our system works.


Once your interest in selling your home is established we will set-up a meeting with you, at your home, to discuss the details. During this meeting we will go through our process so you know exactly what to expect when listing your home with us. We’ll come prepared with market data and area comps for your home and then during this meeting we’ll tour your home, get your input, and then leverage our experience to establish a pricing and listing strategy.


If you choose to move forward with listing your home with us, and we hope you do, there will be a set of documents that will need to be completed. We leverage industry standard web technologies and digital signatures to make this process a snap. The first tool on our arsenal is Dotloop. Dotloop is a secure platform used by millions of real estate professionals and clients to handle most of the paperwork related to selling your home. This is where you will work with Trish, our transaction coordinator who will make sure all paperwork is on track and in compliance with legal real estate procedures.


Much of the success related to the sale of your home is in the details of the preparation for listing. We’ll start by asking you to fill out a quick online form that will help us establish many of the details of your home, like the year your home was built, the types of finishes, and your favorite features, just to name a few. This stage in the timeline also kicks off our marketing efforts for your listing. As the old saying goes “a picture is worth a thousand words” and this certainly holds true for real estate photos. Great photography is a hallmark of Steve Volkers Group and there are many factors that contribute to getting the best possible photos for you. We’ll get into more the details of our marketing approach later on, but you play an important role in capturing the best possible photos. We will send you a guide that lay out the common things that you can do help make the photos a success and we send Kevin, our director of markeitng & design to every photo shoot to ensure your home will look as great as it can. During this stage we will also be working to verify all the details needed to list your home like, square footage, lot size, legal descriptions, as well as writing the marketing remarks to accompany the listing.


The listing date we set in the first stage is finally here and it’s time for your listing to go live. Once your listing is pushed live, usually the in afternoon, it will automatically be added to the most popular national real estate websites as well as our local GRAR website and our own Once your listing is live we will also set-up ShowingTime, a tool which helps us efficiently communicate the rules of showing your home to other Realtors® For example, ShowingTime is the place that we let others know that you need 24 hour notice or that it’s fine to “go and show”. ShowingTime will also handle all of the feedback requests and communication with the showing agent so that we can keep you in the loop regarding the feedback your home receives from interested parties.


This stage is where all of our preparation in stage 3 pays off. We kick-start the marketing of your home by paying to feature your listing on Zillow & Trulia as well as featuring your home on our website homepage. In addition to featuring your listing on multiple websites we will also post your listing to our ever-growing social media channels. The social media posts will feature multiple photos of your home as well as first weekend open house details and many times we will pay to boost those posts to maximize reach. We will also create a printed flyer for your listing that will include most relevant details as well as a bunch of photos. These flyers will be used as take-a-ways during open houses as well as materials for our list of active buyers. Finally we will add your listing to our weekly email that is sent to over 6,000 contacts across all of our agents.


We believe that open houses are still a vital tool to selling your home. That’s why we will hold an open house on very the first weekend of your listing going live. We do this to maximize the interest level and take advantage of the fact that most people are looking at the newest listings first. Another reason that the first weekend is a good time for an open house is that it will most likely take place the same week that we take photos, so your home should be positioned to create the best possible first impression. We will also hold open houses periodically until your home is sold.


Showing are one of the most important aspects of generating great offers on your home and they are also the place where we need your help the most. There is little substitute for first impressions, so it’s important to keep your home looking great throughout the showing process. It’s also important to be as accommodating as possible for showings, the easier you can make it for people to see your home the faster it will sell. As mentioned previously, we use a program called ShowingTime to help us communicate the your rules for showing your home. In addition to communicating the showing rules ShowingTime also handles the showing feedback. The program will automatically send feedback requests to the showing agent which helps us gather and communicate the feedback from people seeing your home to you. This feedback is an important part of the showing process as it can give you a clear idea of the first impression your home is making. More importantly this feedback gives us a road-map for any adjustments that should be made to maximize your return on investment.


Hooray! You’ve received an offer, or possibly multiple offers, on your home. This is exciting news but there’s still a lot of work that needs to be done. We will guide you through the offer and consult with you on the best way to proceed, whether that’s accepting the offer, countering the offer or even rejecting the offer. This is where our experience can really help you maximize your profit. Offer terms can sometimes get very complicated with contingencies, escalation clauses and the like. This is where our experience can help you generate the best possible profit from the sale of your home.


So you’ve accepted an offer, now comes what can traditionally be the most nerve racking part of the process...closing. But we’re here to make sure your closing goes off without a hitch. The closing process can be stressful in that most offers are contingent on both the home inspection and the bank appraisal being acceptable to the buyers and/or lender. This is where having a professional Realtor® can help make this process go as smoothly as possible. Our team will help guide you through the best way to present your home to inspectors and appraisers. Our transaction coordinator will make sure any remaining paperwork and make sure all the t’s are crossed and i’s are dotted. Here’s a few of the things that she will help take care of during closing process. 1. A title search will be ordered. 2. The title insurance underwriter will review the completed title search and contract. 4. After the lender reviews and approves all of the closing documents, your loan documents will be sent to the office for signing. 5. Closing day, this is the big day where all of our mutual hard work pays-off and you sign the paperwork to transfer ownership to the buyer.

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