Buying a Home with Steve

Cyberbuying Guide

As our world continues to be altered as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been adapting our process to best serve you. The State of Michigan’s Stay-At-Home order has certainly altered how the real estate industry conducts business but it doesn’t mean it has come to a complete halt. Our experienced marketing and support team is leveraging technology to help us continue to serve both buyers and sellers. So, if you’ve been thinking about buying a home this year, now can be a good time to get started, and now, more than ever, an experienced brokerage and agent is crucial to purchasing your dream home. Here’s how we’ve adapted in successfully buy a home or condo.


We’ll use Zoom to hold a video consultation meeting. Much like we would in-person, we’ll discuss what you are looking for in a home and how we can help you find it.


Once you agree to have us represent you for the home purchasing process we’ll use our long-time secure digital signature software to send you a buyers-agreement. This agreement will shift our legal responsibility from representing the seller to you so that we can look out for your best interest.


We’ll use the info gathered in our buyer's consultation to help you start the home search. We’ll use our MLS platform to set-up automatic search criteria that will alert you when a new home you might be interested in comes on the market. We know that part of the joy of purchasing a home can be in the search. That’s why we also have tools, like our website, that makes sharing the homes you would like more info on easy to share with your agent.


Because Michigan’s Stay-At-Home order prevents us from holding traditional in-person showings, many agents have pivoted to holding video tours. So once you find a home you’re interested in we will help facilitate a video showing, if at all possible. There may be instances where this is not possible and if that’s the case it could be possible to see the home in-person during the home inspection.


Once you have accepted an offer on a home there is normally a 10-day inspection period. Currently, this time period has been compressed to as little as 3-days. Please note that Michigan’s Stay-AtHome order does allow buyers to be present with the inspector if agreed upon by all parties. So this could be your best opportunity to physically see the home you are about to purchase.


Our long-time transaction coordinator will help with things like ordering a title search, working with the underwriters and she’ll make sure any remaining paperwork is complete and ready for a smooth closing.


Once your financial instution has given the clear-to-close the title company will either do a remote closing via video conference. Or they may do a drive-up closing, where instead of getting a cheeseburger you’re getting a home:) Finally, we’ll help coordinate the transfer the keys according the purchase agreement.

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