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Both images above capture a moment in time during my week last week. The image on the left? Me, dropping off an extension ladder to a home so the buyers could do some exterior painting before winter hits. The other? Batteries for a garage furnace, to remedy an inspection report note and ensure my clients are safe. Both tasks are a reminder of where I came from, and how the little touches in service truly matter. 

Sometimes, it can be easy to become full of ourselves, especially during busy seasons and there are lots of deals coming in. Something that will also humble me is my upbringing. I started off as a painter, working for someone who told me, "The only thing that will make you money is your hands." Instead of listening to this limiting

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With lots of potential for future reconfiguration of the floor plan and unbeatable views, this downtown Grand Rapids condo is nearly unparalleled in value for the amount of space in its location in the heart of downtown GR.

Check out what Steve Volkers & Rachael Fountain have to about this 11th-floor condo in the City View Condominium building!

View the listing here:

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It’s Valentine's Day and I sit in my office trying to make matches. I have clients that want to buy their future home but are stuck with not finding enough homes on the market to buy. 

So I sit here, thinking I need to find the match. 

On this Valentine’s Day, if you are someone that wants to sell in the next 6 months and needs to sell to be able to buy, I want to know if I can make a match. See, my clients are all willing to wait to move into your home. They would be fine with buying your home and letting you stay there while you go find your match. If you are looking to walk away from your home but still have the freedom to take your time to buy, let's play the game. 

Please take a moment to tell me a little about your home using this

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So, I have been getting this question a ton over the last 30 days!  Here are the top questions and I hope to provide answers if you wondered. 


Are you selling or just being a broker?

This is the biggest one that seems to be throwing people off. Yes, and Yes! I am actively selling real estate as a Realtor® as well as being the broker of Steve Volkers Group. Throughout my career, I have continued to help people buy and sell homes and condos, but I think the world has a tendency to put you into one box rather than recognizing that you do more than one thing. So, yes I buy and sell homes like any normal Realtor®... but more fun and in my own style. 


What brokerage did you change to?

I started my own independent brokerage utilizing

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